Oscar Wilde said it best — but didn't he always?

”I regard the theatre as ... the most immediate way
in which a human being can share with another
the sense of what it is to be a human being.”

Yeah. What he said.
For me, theater not only illuminates the human spirit, it also pays the mortgage. Both are good things.

I'm a theater guy, making a living from the stage for the past 25+ years.

I direct – my favorite hat to wear. It satisfies the inner control freak. I’m Artistic Director of Artists' Ensemble Theater, a small (but terrific) Equity theater in Illinois.

I also stage fights – when I was a kid my folks bought me a Zorro kit, complete with rubber sword. It made an impression. I have spent years wielding a sword, staging fights, and coaching actors to fight safely.

I began as an actor; majored in theater in college and, amazingly, get paid to do what I love. I'm married to a playwright and the father of two. The rest of the Richard Raether story is spread out over this site.
Take a look. Give me a shout.